Book Review: Monkeys On The Road by Mary Hollendoner

Phenomenal travelogue

It is a narrative nonfiction travel memoir about driving through Latin America. This book includes the family’s adventures, life learnings, travel photos, van life and travel map of their route.

Each chapter is well-written. A delightful read with nuggets of information and history about each place she has been to.

The author paints a word portrait of everything she sees along with the personal experiences, some dangerous, some surreal and bizarre situations. She manages to bring across the uniqueness and flavour of each destination.

I loved reading about the search of turtles with the Asupmatoma employees, the reality of living in a jungle, the kindness of strangers, earthquakes, escape scenarios and change from van life to lockdown.

Their adventures are just like life – you never know what’s around the corner, nevertheless, you are ready to take it head-on. She inspires us to travel into the unknown and embrace simplicity.

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