Book Review: Diary Of An Angry Young Man by Rishi Vohra

Diary of an Angry Young Man inspired by true events explores the complex layers of humanity set in Bombay in 1992 and Mumbai in 2012. The story flows flawlessly. The issues addressed in the book are prevailing and practical. The musings of the city and the emerging underbelly of Colaba are beautifully depicted. This book inspires you to tap into the goodness of your heart and to look for an opportunity to go beyond your sense of security and do good for others.

Exceptional, thoughtful, and realistic writing conquers the reader’s heart. What strikes you about this book is it’s simple and easy to comprehend language. Unputdownable and thought-provoking read. You find a very simple story that turns dramatically with sprinkling events of life, problems and coping events in such a way that every aspect of twist and turns hold you till the last page.

Loved these quotes from the book:

When you find yourself drowning in a sea of chaos, hard work is the one raft that will see you safely ashore.

Everyone is the hero of their own story, but how many are the hero in someone else’s?

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