Book Review: Madness by Paityn E Parque


A Mind blogging dark fantasy novel with an intense and melting climax. The author’s best imaginative skills keep the readers anxious while slowly revealing the world of the deadly game. The chapters are delightfully packed with mystery and action. A definite page-turner with interesting character development.

All about the deadly game is clearly explained in simple terms and can be easily understood. I’m amazed at her creativity and imagination to create this unusual plot. The readers can get caught in the twisted game that keeps you on edge.

The characters are lively, unique and the incidents are engrossing. The author’s powerful narrative gets you involved in the game. You may get indulgences of exploration in this adventurous journey to experience the unexpected with thought-provoking quotes.

Quotes I loved from the book:
Fear made her heart beat faster than the drums of death itself.
Family sticks together and being through hell sure put us together like some pack of wolves.

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