Book Review: The Red Button by Keith Eldred

A beautiful and moving tribute to a beloved classic

“The Red Button” is a classic prequel to “A Christmas Carol”. This is the untold story of how the doomed lovers found and then lost each other. And how their parting stayed with Scrooge daily and ultimately prepared the way for his famous redemption.

A timeless classic that I enjoyed just as much now as I did when I first read ‘A Christmas Carol’ at school. This story is narrated from the perspective of the red button. The chapter titles give readers an insight into what to expect from each chapter in the book. Interesting read.

A great story, with the usual great Dickens characters. The plot is finely crafted and an addition to the original classic. It brilliantly depicts their sweet love and also the evil side of money, how it changes a person. You will find striking similarities between the characters to their past lives and will be fascinated by the craft and trade of button-making in the new world of modern manufacturing. Each button was a tiny portal to the world.

I loved the perfect example of David and Goliath to bring out the uniqueness in business trade. The way the author expresses the story will leave readers speechless. Worth a read.

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