Book Review: For Better And Worse by E.B.Roshan

An engaging story with intriguing suspense

Though I have not read the previous Shards of Sevia series, “For Better or Worse” is the fourth book but it works fine as a standalone story. It’s romantic suspense, set in a dystopian Southeast European country.

Even if you have not read the other books, the author gives the brief of happenings in the past and the present situation in each character’s life beautifully woven together with an interesting turn of events and twists. You won’t feel missed out.

The book begins with a prologue and introduction of the characters – The Sevians and The Tur. The chapters are told from the perspective of the protagonists – Boris and Anna. You would get to know both sides of the story.

Unputdownable and quick-paced read. You could feel the transformation and emotions the characters go through while reading it.

The chaos, family love, fears, strategic plans, uncertainties and revenge are rightly captured. Impressive storytelling with a nail-biting climax keeps you on edge. The book surprises you when you least expect it.

The author totally nailed it and I highly recommend this book.

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