Book Review: Travel Mania by Karen Gershowitz


Travel Mania is a vivid story of how one woman found her strength, power and passion through venturing out into the world.

A great read. What an incredible exploration of the places and their hidden secrets, the author setting off on her own, meeting new people, sharing her travel reflections and immersing herself in cultures unlike her own. But no matter what mind-numbing events she has experienced, her passion for travelling has remained undiminished.

An absolute page-turner and an honest memoir that takes the readers on a journey from the author’s childhood memories until travelling in the pandemic. Amazingly written with a detailed description of the places travelled.

I loved reading these stories: Wanderlust adventure of her grandmother Belle at age 65, the elephant trek in Thailand, Devils Tower in Wyoming which was captivating.

A simple yet thoroughly entertaining read that I’d recommend to all who love travelling.

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