Book Review: Destiny by D. D. Larsen

Fantastic and Mind-Blowing

Despondent after a failed career move, Jamie returns to her remote hometown to rekindle old relationships and hopefully rediscover her life’s purpose. While visiting the local coffee shop, she meets the rugged stranger Wren, who works as a park ranger and always seems to be around when she needs him. But he also appears to have a strange connection to the mysterious wolf residing in the forest. As Jamie grows closer to Wren, she stumbles into a paranormal world of dark magic, shapeshifters, and deep, supernatural connections. At the same time, Jamie discovers the mysterious powers that have lain dormant within her for years.

Book 1 of the Academy Series begins with Destiny, a thrilling fantasy story.

An incredible narrative style, interesting plot and quick read. The remote town, the academy, and the protagonist’s emotions are vividly described make the readers visualize the scenes from the book. There is a smooth transition of the strange happenings between the present and the past. The book puts the readers on the edge.

A glimpse into Jamie’s adventurous life with unexpected twists, and nail-biting scenes will leave you puzzled.

I loved the author’s comparison between the city and town life, the close friendship between Tollen and Jamie, and the bond between Roberta and Jamie.

Can’t wait for the Book 2 of the Academy Series to know how the story unfolds.

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