Book Review: Unpredictable: The Walk in and out of Darkness by Honey Kasper

Powerful and Intense

This non-fiction memoir is written in the hopes of reaching and uplifting its audience. You will learn how Honey Kasper survived every type of abuse and her journey of self-discovery. Take the journey with her and discover how she turned her life around. Learn how to end abuse in a family line, and how you can still lead a remarkable and successful life. She has overcome and survived much hardship. Through uplifting insights gained from overcoming her struggles, with grace and faith in God, she shows that anyone can overcome and better their lives.

An insightful, honest and inspirational tale of a battle survivor beautifully told which makes you think and relevant to today’s mindless living. It takes us on an emotional roller-coaster ride through her fears and struggles and how she eventually came out triumphant. You will feel scared about the cruelties one has to face in life which have an effect on the mindset of the people and also depicts the true meaning of loss and pain. It could happen to anyone in real life.

Loved the Poems and the list of song titles representing the author’s life at the end of the book.

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