Book Review: The Age of the Outer Kingdom by Elyse F Gathy

Refreshing and Fascinating


Liam Rocklen lives a boring and uneventful life in a small region in the Outer Kingdom. While every other teen in Brendsworth is learning their parents trade, Liam dreams of adventure. Liam constantly ponders the thought of becoming a knight and a hero one day but, the future of taking on a boring and simple trade was becoming realistic. But everything changes when Liam’s Uncle William, whom he had not seen since infancy, shows up and offers him the deal of a lifetime. Liam is whisked off to go work as a servant in the royal palace. Along the way, Liam’s dreams of adventure come true as he encounters extraordinary centaurs and devilish imps. However, working at the palace will reveal there is more to the Outer Kingdom than meets the eye. Liam will find that becoming a hero is more realistic than it may seem.

Book Review:

It is a well-narrated fantasy novel that has a charming and hilarious plot that entertains adults as well as children. Unputdownable with perfect twists.

The author takes the readers on an adventure with strange creatures into a new fantastical world. The curiosity bubbles in the reader’s mind to know more about the kingdom. The author’s witty, imaginative and creative writing creates imagery in the eyes of the reader.

Introducing the characters of the kingdom with a well-crafted history, Magical bond between Liam and Scales, Trust and Friendship, Prank on Ms Woodround and Sir Frederick’s adventures deserves a special mention. Even the minutest details have been taken care of.

You can check out the Instagram @outer_kingdom for the amazing illustrations. If the illustrations have been included, it would have been more lively.

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book.

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