Book Review: Luck Be A Lady by Chris H Stevenson

Magical Fantasy

A mythological catfight in hell ensues, leaving Mason Hart torn between wealth and poverty, and two Goddesses vying for his destiny. Mason must find the solution and tear away the veil of darkness that could upset the divine balance between good and evil. What he doesn’t know is that the final key to the solution is himself.

Well-crafted story with attention to details and an enjoyable read that takes the readers to explore the fantastical journey full of mystery, magic, and unusual adventure.

The plot is written in such a believable way that as a reader you’re completely engrossed.

The author gives vivid descriptions of the characters and places that readers are pulled into the action. Expect the unexpected when you least expect them.

The bizarre situations, delighted discoveries, escapes and action plans struck you speechless and make you go deeper into the storyline. Loved the bond of trust shared between Augustus and Mason.

Fortune visits the few…

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