Book Review: Prison Manor by L.A.Tsokov


Sam is a geeky student and an avid comic book reader, but he has no friends. One night he accidently commits a crime and is kidnapped by a psychopathic serial killer. He takes him to a mansion, which despite its luxury is actually a prison, and Sam and his inmates have only seven days to live. But there is a way to leave, and that is to kill a fellow inmate and get away with it, or to succesfully catch three killers in the trials held after a murder. Will Sam find a friend in this desperate situation and will he manage to escape alive?

The Prison Games have begun…!


An interesting young adult mystery book. Events unfold in such a manner, that if you have started reading the book, you can’t put it down and intense crime scenes keep you in suspense.

The author stuns the readers with his witty storytelling skills in the plot of a crazy game which is about survival, distrust, and friendship.

Unravelling the mystery, observations and crucial pieces of evidence were spot-on with a perfect dramatic turn of events.

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