Book Review: Twelve by Poornima Manco


Twelve is a collection of twelve soul-searing short stories from around the world. The witty storyteller with an intense and nerve-racking plot. You can find all the blend of emotions in a relationship with attention to detail and the right analysis. The magic of her writing is commendable.

Well narrated. The Plot explores the deeper truths and secrets with life-changing incidents. The issues addressed in the stories are prevailing and practical. Curiosity creeps within you to know what happens to the characters.

Each story captures the longing for wholeness and the extent of human suffering that afflicts each of us.

Filled with well-developed characters whom we can relate to and stories of everyday life that we can understand, the book makes for quite a fascinating read.

I loved all the stories and cannot pick a favorite since each has its own specialty. All I can say, without giving away much about the plot lines, is that the book is definitely a pick-me-up and worth all the time spent on it!

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