Book Review: Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning


A young janitor working at an insane asylum is saved from suicide when one of the residents welcomes him to the secret and massive game of Cryptofauna. The bizarre competition of worldwide influence might give the blue custodian a reason to live if he can survive the deadly trials that await.

Their investigations, strategies, and plan for action make this illusion all the more real with unexpected twists and surprises. The author’s best imaginative skills keep the readers anxious while slowly revealing the world of Cryptofauna.  

The characters are lively, unique and the incidents are engrossing. Both the rival’s motives, their encounters, and the strange names have been wonderfully portrayed.

The chapters are delightfully packed with mystery and humor.

You may get indulgences of exploration in this adventurous journey to experience the unexpected with thought-provoking quotes.

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