Book Review: Callisto 2.0 by Susan English


Callisto 2.0, a feminist science fiction novel portrays a multicultural and diverse community of genuine, complex, quirky, brilliant, and powerful women, working towards something larger than themselves.

Shambhala Space Station, 2097. Shy physicist Callisto never accepted conventional wisdom. So when she’s recruited to work on faster-than-light technology, she eagerly accepts the career opportunity at the women-only research station orbiting Earth’s moon.

Will Calli embrace her destiny in an unexplored cosmos?

The space scenes were very well-narrated, lively, and definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Within just the first few pages of the book, it was clear that the author has well-researched in terms of the ‘science’, but also in the ‘fiction’, she has filled with a futuristic vision of our world weaving in the backstory about the characters – as they reflect on their past experiences and their knowledge to be the best they can.

Interesting and perfect timing of twists and turns, and everything about the story – from its characters to the scientific themes, and the events which unfold – feels real enough to pull you into its narrative told in simpler terms.

The chapters are brief and intriguing read gives insights on gender identity, greek mythology, harmonious team, relationships, friendships, and fascinating facts taking us to the world of the future.

Shambhala is a mythical realm where all of the inhabitants are enlightened, where injustice, cruelty, and conflicts don’t exist. If you want to meet the crew, you can visit The author gives the introduction of the characters and the organization of the station in a unique way.

Callisto 2.0 is an exceptional and compelling story about the bonds of a crew and the perils of working in space.

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