Book Review: The 50/50 Friendship Flow by Shari Leid


The 50-50 Friendship Flow details the author’s inspiring meetings with fifty extraordinary women and sharing life lessons from their walks of life with the readers.

Incredible quotes mentioned in the book are thought-provoking.

This book empowers women to be themselves and also guides them towards recognizing their power focussing on the vast importance of relationships in life.

Every chapter begins with a brief about the wonderful women, how the friendship blossomed between them, and their life learnings. At the end of the chapter, there are challenges, action plans, and journaling tools to do yourself.

Each relationship is a unique bond that carries its own depth and beauty. Every interaction is always an opportunity to grow, learn, and teach.

An Interesting and a must-read book providing an optimistic outlook by embracing life’s constant flow.

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