Book Review: RESTORED by Marilyn Willis


“RESTORED” is a self-paced grief workbook with step by step principles towards deeper healing.

This book will empower the readers to release the painful, energetic vibration of grief and step into the higher version of themselves. The author walks the reader through a well-outlined application of energy psychology, tapping into the body’s ability to self-heal, and release painful emotional blocks that keep us in a state of suffering. Within these pages of the book, you will find peace, comfort, community, compassion, and the path you are seeking.

Apt illustrations, tables, and thoughtful reflections explained in a clear and simpler way as an attempt to put the pieces of life back together.

Marilyn’s genuine enthusiasm for helping people by sharing her personal experiences, many resilient survivor’s stories, suggested exercises, and reflection questions to attain their highest self comes through magnificently in this book.

A healing read with a glimmer of hope that you can ease your pain for good.

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