Book Review: Animals We Are: The Wolf and The Bee by Valerie Brandy

Mind-boggling and Captivating

The book begins with the facts about the Honeymoon. Quick-paced read and the chapters are told from the perspective of two women – Zoe and Cassandra. You would get to know both sides of the story.

If you have not read the first series of the book, the author gives the readers a gist of happenings from the earlier book as well. You won’t feel missed out. But I would recommend you to read the previous book to know in-depth.

The transformation and emotions the characters go through, life-saving incidents, and the comparison of the personality traits to insects are rightly captured.

An engaging story with intriguing suspense.

Brilliant storytelling with an eye for details makes people, places, and nature come to life. It is all about discovering your true potential.

Plot development with interesting turns and characterization is outstanding. When you think you have understood the climax of the story, there is always something more to it.

The Game Plan, wild trail, twisted puzzle, and hidden clues keep you on edge. The book surprises you when you least expect.

I can’t wait to read the final installment in the Animals We Are series!

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