Book Review: When Love Came Calling by Preeti Shenoy

Fabulous and Realistic

When Love Came Calling is young adult fiction. Quick-paced read.

The book is categorized into four sections: Adventure, Heart, Places, and Destination. Each section begins with incredible quotes and beautiful illustrations. Impressive book cover.

The author gives an insight into the minds of young adults and family connections with nerve-racking experiences. It is all about adventure, discovering yourself, and following your heart.

The characters in the book are well portrayed and make you feel connected to them.

The author’s vivid description of the cities is dazzling and makes the readers visualize them.

Well-narrated, researched, and masterfully crafted writing.

I loved Shanti chechi’s character and Arush’s unique pet Iguana.

Most of the incidents will make you feel that it has happened in your life as well and see yourself in some of them!

This book is captivating page-turner and emotionally moves the readers.

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  1. Beautifully written.And I loved this book of Preeti Shenoy. She is my Favorite Indian Author.All her books are dam inspiring,that i never give a second thought on pre-ordering her books.If you wish to check out my review for When love came calling,you are pleased to read it here:

    Happiee Reading 🙂


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