Book Review: Earth Angel By Chris H. Stevenson

A page-turner thrill-ride

Twenty-one-year-old Daryl Victoria and her fiancé, Dean Fowler, a detective who has been working on a serial killer case that involves the murder of five high school girls, are parked in their car for some frolicking when a carjacking goes wrong. Daryl takes a bullet in the face, and as a result of the damage, needs a corneal transplant.

Daryl finds out that her transplanted eye is causing what she thinks are hallucinations. Her good eye sees the normal world. The donor’s eye sees a totally different realm with its own rules. With the help of Daryl’s best friend, Abbey, they embark on a mission to use the gift and try and save lives. But Daryl has a better plan—she can stop the serial killer by using her gift, brains, and looks. All it will take is an ingenious trap.

A nail-biting paranormal suspense Thriller.

The characters are immensely entertaining and an engrossing plot.

Well narrated and well researched. Flawless and impressive writing captures the readers.

Unexpected events happening in the story keep you ticking to know what happens next.

Although this story revolves around a serial killer plot, the sub-plot has a supernatural/fantasy element to it. A bizarre mystery of strange sightings, coincidences, investigations, and tragedy.

Amazingly executed the game plan and the little details have been taken care of.

I loved the hospital scenes of eye transplant and their road to recovery, the heartfelt love between the couples, and the true friendship between Abbey and Daryl.

Perfectly paced plot with depth and twists.

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