Book Review: Seventh Circle by William Becker

Seventh Circle by William Becker

Michael is an awkward university student. He is lonely, socially anxious, and has no experience talking to members of the opposite sex. Michael is introduced to Mia, who is everything he could ever want. She is energetic, exciting, passionate, and much unlike him, massively experienced. Michael’s life changes as he falls madly in love with Mia, feeling the passion burn within him; it threatens to swallow him whole, but as time goes on, Michael realizes things are not what they seem to be.

A soul-searing short story with hidden truths, mystery, and unexpected surprises. The witty storyteller with an intense and nerve-racking plot. You can find all the blend of emotions in a relationship with attention to detail and the right analysis. The magic of his writing is commendable.

Well narrated and Unputdownable. The author’s vivid description creates imagery in the reader’s eyes.The Plot explores the deeper truths and secrets with life-changing incidents.

The uniqueness of each chapter title deserves a special mention and the author’s high vocabulary provides a definite challenge to the reader.

I loved the perfect twist in the tale that keeps you on the edge of the seat.

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