Book Review: The Beast of Wheeler Ridge

A gritty masterpiece

An action-packed thriller with a unique werewolf tale.

The book begins with a prequel and takes the readers on a spine-chilling adventure in the case of a mystery animal. Brilliantly narrated with an eye for details.

The fantastically structured plot, well researched with the right mix of intense and lighter moments and perfect execution on coping with the world of reality between life and death.

The scenarios in the book make the readers experience the still shots out of an intriguing werewolf film. The unpredictable twists in the story give you nightmares and goosebumps.

Impressive characterization stands out and insights on hypertrichosis, ancient DNA and scientific breakthrough, vast knowledge of living in wilderness and preservation of the environment deserves a special mention.

I loved Melina’s childlike nature, the father’s love for his daughter, the cop versus the forest ranger, confrontations, and the game plan sequences in the story.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this amazing book.

“ Understanding is the manifestation of true affection.”

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  1. It was an honor to appear in your pages! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and analysis. I’m super glad you found the characterization between the two leads touching. I so much wanted to get a sweetness across, with a strange and unique love story.

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