Book Review: Identity by Alexandra Bayer

Fantastic Page-turner

Naya hasn’t had the best first year of university – her boyfriend broke up with her, leaving her friendless and pining after him. That is until she meets Brynn one day at the gym. Brynn is cool and beautiful and new to the city. Naya is her first friend here. But when Brynn actually turns out to be the famous actress Aviva Jersey in disguise, Naya must decide how much of their friendship is real and how much was just an act. And the longer Naya spends around Aviva, the more of the spotlight she begins to see. But haven’t you heard? Fame doesn’t always equal happiness, and the spotlight comes at a price.

A fascinating story with the first-person narrative and distinctive personalities of the characters with an eye for details makes the book more lively.

The friendship between Naya and Brynn easing Naya’s loneliness, juggling between two personalities, rollercoaster emotions of Naya, and comparison of normal life with fame world has been beautifully portrayed.

Brilliant story of trust, true love, and genuine friendship with a whirlwind of emotions.

Kudos to the debut author for an incredible book.

Beautiful lines from the book which I loved:

Fame doesn’t make a person better – what they do with their life establishes that.

Fame comes with a lot of drama, that fame is just a label that society places on people.

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