Book Review: Vagabondess A Guide To Solo Female Travel by Toby Israel

Insightful guide of exploration and discovery

Vagabondess: A Guide to Solo Female Travel is a book for women—and all people!—who want to travel solo, face their fears, and live the adventure of their dreams. This book is for the travelers, the feminists, the adventurers, the seekers, and the curious.

Incredible collection of travelogue, poetries, practical advice, and suggestions for travelers.

An interesting book that motivates the travelers and the feminists to live and travel with confidence, optimism, trust, and self-defense.

The author covers all the queries which may arise in the reader’s minds about solo travel taking into account the benefits, obstacles, and adversities one can experience. Deeper information and scenarios will teach us valuable lessons into living a more courageous life.

Poems (Ode to a powerful woman & To Love a Girl who Wanders), Similarities between Pirates and Vagabonds, and Interaction between Angel and Devil in the concluding chapter A walk in the woods are wonderfully portrayed.

There is space to expand, and there is time to be still. Why not embrace it?
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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