Book Review: A Trade In Tears by Samantha Shiye


It’s a contemporary, cross-genre crime thriller set in the South East of England. The story puts you into deep thoughts and also puzzles you.  

Fast-paced read will make you feel intrigued. Intense and dreadful experiences give you goosebumps.

Fantastic storytelling and wittily written.

Introduction of new characters and surprise twists put you on edge of the seat.

The author throws light on the crimes, police investigations, depth and intensity of emotions of each character, statistical records, a blend of horror and maternal compassion.

Flawless writing and the author’s mastermind on finding out the truth of the case studying every detail with perfect climax deserves a special mention. 

Beautiful lines from the book:

Revenge is a powerful motive.

Never start anything you can’t finish, but if it’s worth doing, do it well.

Every experience, however unpleasant, teaches a lesson which helps us mature as individuals.

If we didn’t confront our problems they’d return to bite us.

If everyone kept their promises the world would be a better place.

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