Book Review: Dakota And The American Dream by Sameer Garach

Fantastic and Entertaining

When ten-year-old Dakota becomes bored sitting next to his mother on a park bench, he drifts off into a dream in which he follows a squirrel down a game of hopscotch until he finds himself in an urban fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures.

The characters in the book linked to American regional dialect are unique and diverse. Chapter titles give a gist of what each chapter holds for the readers.

The plot has a deeper meaning and a modern version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Well narrated. A charming and hilarious contemporary satire that entertains adults as well as children

Kudos to the author for the witty, imaginative, and creative writing.

It is very challenging to write the reality of the corporate world seen through the expert eyes of a child.

Thought-provoking with wonderful insights on dreams, workplace issues, corporate culture, corporate hierarchy, competitive advantage, corporate ladder, company politics, and company rules.

The author takes the readers on an adventure with strange creatures in the New World, poem verses quite similar to the nursery rhymes, the mystery of Dr.Quack, and the transformation of Dakota at every stage deserves a special mention. Even the minutest details in the corporate world have been taken care of.

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