Book Review: Beyond The Hill by Sheldon Peart


The story begins with a man taking the blindfolded girl to a haunted house and cases of child abduction and killings throughout the country. As the story progresses, the introduction of new characters and tricky situations makes the plot more interesting. It takes the readers on a mysterious, adventurous, and nail-biting gripping journey.

The author’s incredible style of writing creates imagery in the reader’s mind.

The witty storyteller with an intense and nerve-racking plot. The events of happenings of each character run paralleled with a perfect blend. You can feel the eagerness and excitement while reading and how the mystery unfolds is mesmerizing. You can find all the various mixes of contents you expect from a crime story with attention to detail, right analysis, and terrifying moments in a beautiful way with a whole lot of depth which will leave you puzzled. Beautifully depicted the friendship between Inspector and Robins which will melt your hearts. I loved the investigations by Inspector James Chisolm and Team which stands out in solving the mystery.

Definitely a good read full of mystery!

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