Book Review: Living Lightly by Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander

Uplifting and Refreshing

Apt self-exploration book to bring happiness and calmness to your life every day by inviting you to find doorways to your soul.

Living Lightly offers a year’s worth of opportunities and wisdom for powerful inner awareness with insightful quotes, book extracts, poems, websites, and life experiences of eminent personalities. It puts our minds at ease by helping us to reflect on our lives. Lightening up is all about being aware of the choices we make to be emotionally involved or attached to people, places, events, and things.

Well written like a diary journaling covered all the facets of life which we have to deal with in our day to day life to transform, enlighten, heal, and deepen our souls with understanding and empathy. A calendar reflects the intentions we have for our year—the things we want more of and the things that deserve our attention. If it makes us smile and laugh out loud too, that’s awesome!

Worth reading and empowering to understand our innermost workings. Each page in the book has been wonderfully planned and provides you truthful answers to the questions arising in the reader’s mind.

Living lightly often requires us to reflect with honesty, learn with compassion, and listen with curiosity. You discover what truly makes you the valued and perfect formula for less stressful living.

The deeper your relationship to the book, the more genuine relationship building within you.

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