Book Review: Ubiety by Grzegorz Kunowski

Mysterious and Philosophical

The book “Ubiety” tells the tragic story of Adam Johnson, a seemingly ordinary man with a dark secret, as he lives and breathes in an astonishing world, yet the devil is in the details and nothing lasts forever. The book fits into multiple categories; magical realism, psychological thriller, as well as a hint of philosophy and the metaphysical genre.

Challenging journey and spine chilling experiences of the protagonist creates an illusionary world that’s full of what an ideal world should be. Initially, it will leave you confused about what’s going on but as the story progresses, you get a clearer picture.

Each chapter begins with meaningful and thought-provoking quotes and divided into three parts – Timelines, Dream and Room. Brief chapters and easy read.

Impressive and professional writing. Spellbound to know that the author was 16 when he wrote this book.

Well narrated. Wonderful and perfect examples of humans to butterflies, perfect coordination with nature, social norms, the complexity of the human mind, the ultimate law of ‘The Positivity of Negativity’ and the significance of his dreams deserve special mention.

The book is a roller-coaster journey of his deep secrets, chances, choices, fear and uncertainties, terrible fate, frantic search, pain, nightmares, suppressed feelings, and hidden desires without a shred of direct control.

Beautiful lines from the book:

Revisit the past so you can learn and remember but it’s important to look forward rather than back, you’re not going backward in time.

We always head in directions, usually on paths we set ourselves on, yet sometimes we forget to take a break to simply breathe and watch the revolving world.

Midnight, the point where you leave the old of the previous day and go into the new, with new opportunities, uncertainties, and mistakes to be made.

Our fears define us and so do our monsters. For we grow up in this world believing in monsters and we usually realize that they are just illusions created by our wildest thoughts and dreams, so we stop fearing those monsters, yet we were wrong to be afraid of them, for there are things far more devastatingly evil in this world…

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