Book Review: Screamcatcher Dream Chasers by Christy J Breedlove

Riveting Page-Turner

This is second book of Scream Catcher series.

Seventeen year-old Jory Pike has a team of three other teen friends called The Badlands Paranormal Society and earn pay-checks for their services.

Dream catchers sometimes they clog up with nightmares until they collapse under their own evil weight, imploding and sending the dreamer into an alternate world. Jory uses her worst nightmare to enter the dream catcher world. She and her friends are there, trapped between the people who have confessed their sins to the Great Spirit and are seeking a way out, and the monsters and evil spirits which are happy to keep them trapped in the web world forever.

They were once considered Seekers in the dream world. Now they’ve become vigilantes and call themselves Pathfinders. Is it spiritual enlightenment they’re after? Or have they now become fatally reckless?

In the second series, the characters are aware of what can be expected from dream-catcher world because of their previous experience and they are exploring the world at greater level to find out the answers. Even if you have not read the Scream Catcher first series, you can carry on reading this book as the author provides gist of happenings from the first book as well.

Every dream-catcher have its own rules. The author explains the interpretation, wisdom, ancestral link and significance of web strings in Dream Catcher. New mystery awaited for them in each sectors. Each Sector had its own obstacles.

You will have the same experience when you are watching the movie ‘ Jumanji’ while reading this book with wonderful life thoughts.

Vivid description of the situations creates imagery in the reader’s eyes and loved the author’s keen observation to minutest details.

Plot development with best imaginative, creative and intellectual storytelling skills. The author could predict the questions which would arise in the readers mind .

Inspiring and thought-provoking concepts on problem-solving, survival, fear, fighting the odds with hope,faith and trust,teamwork, nature connection, respect for women, struggles, alertness, determination, humility, professionalism, optimism, the advantage of preparedness,healing,risk-taking, pain and courage are discussed.

You turn the pages of the book in anticipation of what happens next and experience thrills, shocks, incredible twists and turns as mystery unfolds. There are some lighter moments too in the middle of the intense adventure trail.

Climax is beyond amazing. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Loved these quotes in the Book:

Time passes when you’re having fun. But time also passes when you’re going through hell.
No sense worrying about what could have been. We’ll make do with what we have.
The only color we see is red, and that’s the color of blood which makes you a human being.

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Screamcatcher Dream Chasers by Christy J Breedlove

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  1. I’ll duplicate my Goodreads comment. (Otherwise, I’m at a loss for words!)
    OMG, am I flattered! Anu, you certainly got to the core of the story and found every theme that was in it. This second book was a horrendous challenge because I knew I going back into the web world again and had to change it up a bit. It was scary for me. Thank the Lord, that in the last book, They are not in a dream catcher anymore, but on another shocking gig–think The Hunt for the Skinwalker, and you’ll have a hint.

    And BTW, I sure hope people enjoy intelligent teenagers. Upper teens can be really smart people and problem solve better than adults sometimes. So blessed be to all the teenagers of the world and the First Nations Tribes.

    ETA: Working on a film deal for Scream 1. Wish me luck!

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