Book Review: Stories We Never Tell by Savi Sharma

Honest and yet thought-provoking

The story introduces us to the life of Jhanvi and Ashray.

I loved the Prologue which is about a simpler time – All that matters is that we are happy and loved.

The author gives the readers a glimpse of how the life of a Social Media Influencer would be. The instances where they have many social friends but a few real friends and also have to smile even though they didn’t look the best. Very Apt in today’s generation.

The chapters are a brief and quick read. The book teaches you meaningful lessons in life.

The author’s unique and witty storytelling with her brilliant attention to detail keeps you engaged.

I loved the perfect example of the old briefcase to show that each person has different perceptions and her encouraging message to the readers at the end of the book.

In general, she talks about how being depressed has an effect on the relationships, the feelings one has to go through and the road to diagnosis which is relatable. You can feel every emotion as she makes it real by her narration.

We all have setbacks – It’s about getting back up again and being brave to take the next step.

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