Book Review: Animals We Are by Valerie Brandy


The book starts with a fact about Wild Wolves.

The Story is set in Yosemite.

Awesome first-person narrative. Her vivid description creates imagery in the reader’s eyes and also enables us to understand the woman’s wilderness.

An apt book cover. A gripping story from the first chapter until the end of the book. It is engaging and has intriguing suspense. 

Plot development with brilliant turns and characterization are outstanding. The Story takes a smooth transition between the past and the current happenings. The clues they find makes you involved in the story and think who the stalker would be. 

You can experience thrills, shocks, exciting turns, incredible twists, and truly unexpected surprising revelation while reading the book. When you think you have understood the climax of the story, there is always something more to it.

Inspiring and thought-provoking concepts on Relationships, Magic of Humanity, Trust, Commitment, Love, Hope, Confidence, and Freedom are discussed.

Zoe’s emotions, her connection with nature, her life-saving incidents and how she learned not to question the small miracles in life are rightly captured.

The last chapter in the book stunned me and cant wait to read the sequel. Impressive book by a debut author.

I loved the lines quoted in the book:

Lighting a fire is like starting a relationship— hazardous, marked by the feeling that you’re only one error away from total failure. But every now and then, a spark ignites, and it makes you remember why you agreed to take on the whole terrible process in the first place.

The smooth interlocking of two hands in love is always preceded by the pain of reaching out into the unknown, braving the darkness in the hopes of finding the light.

In this fast-paced romantic thriller, readers are asked to sharpen their fangs and venture through the wilderness within… because not all animals live in the forest.

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