Book Review: Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel by Ashish Bagrecha

Fantastic Pearls of Wisdom

The cover is attractive and apt. A bird tied to the rope implies that we are all tied in the rope by life’s hurdles.
There are 30 letters on the essential ingredients we deal with in our daily lives. Each chapter starts with meaningful poem verses.
The author soothes the readers on how to face life’s realities through these heartwarming letters. He also shares his deep thoughts and feelings.
His wonderful narration helps the readers to recover and restore your positive energy.
Inspiring, Engaging and Relatable.
Amazing Self Help Book and highly recommend everyone to read this book.

I loved these quotes in the book:

“The Truth is you are at war with yourself that’s why you find yourself at war with others.”
“You are the master of your own existence and you have the power to turn your life around.”
“Forgiveness is acknowledgement. Acknowledgement that they hurt you, whether intentionally or by design, and that you had no control over their behaviour.”

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