Book Review: Wish I Could Tell You by Durjoy Datta

Spellbound, Unique and Gripping

An amazing book that will blow your mind. 
Incredible storytelling and appreciate the author's keen observation of details.
Well researched about the crowdfunding organization and the concept of social media versus the person's reality.
A soulful love story with unexpected twists and surprises. I couldn't put the book down until the end. While reading the book, in some places, it will make you stop reading, think, turn the pages, reflect on the situation and proceed further.
The Unfolding of the mystery well-executed and fantastic plot development.
All the characters are interesting and have individual chapters dedicated to the book which makes us understand both the sides of the story.
No book has stunned me in the recent past as much as this one did. I highly recommend reading this book.
Eagerly waiting for a sequel to know what happens next.
A Unique story that never disappoints you.

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