Book Review: Turn The Tables by Priya Kumar

Powerful Pearls of Motivational Wisdom

The author starts the book with a beautiful parable about a little Boy and the Monk. She gives insights on each concept with beautiful illustrations and provides you with tips and ideas which can be followed in life and inspires us to be a better human.

The Real test of purpose and commitment to your dreams is how you face challenges and deal with obstacles in life. The author gives the readers input on facing tougher situations and feels the confidence within, which will help you to climb up the ladder of success in life.

The author talks about her struggles and challenges she had to face by providing live examples from her real-life incidents that the readers can relate to and gives a better understanding.

Questions at the end of the chapter which will help you to evaluate your challenging situations and transforms you to handle changes in life gracefully.

Incredible quotes and well-written book.

It’s a competitive world and success does not come handy. We are put to test on how well we handled the situations and earn it step by step through hard efforts, commitments and taking responsibility. The author guides us to sail through daily life by taking those incremental steps toward excellence.

Inspiring Self-help book apt in all walks of life.

Whatever happens to you, good or bad, needs your permission first, it needs your participation. It is when people have the ability to retain their purpose, their posture and their grace, no matter what the situation throws at them, you have met a creator.

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