Book Review: Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt Ltd by Richa S Mukherjee

Extraordinary, Hilarious and Enthralling 

In this book, you will meet eccentric but loyal Prachand Tripathi family. 
The author’s vivid description make the readers visualize the imagery events. 
Interesting and Engaging. Unstoppable read.
Impressively well narrated with quite an eye for detail gets you connected to the story.
The distinctive Characters will steal your heart. 
Author’s storytelling has a sense of humor which makes you laugh and also intellectually indulges you in mixing both genres of humor and thriller. 
Interesting revelations will leave you stunned on how the mystery unfolds.
Masterpiece and completely a different genre from her debut book. 
Exciting twists and turns and introduction of new characters when you least expect to make the story even more interesting. Cities – Kanpur, Banda, and Mumbai are beautifully depicted. 
I loved the role of Alexa in the plot. Unpredictable Climax beyond expectations.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book so much!!! 

Full of action, suspense, and thrill with a pleasant breeze of family love and friendship. 

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