Short Film Review: DEMOCRACY


Brilliant Short Film with a very thoughtful message.


Sonu and Chintu have been waiting for this summer holiday trip. They are seeking new adventure this time. The night before the trip, their father decides to plan each and everything in democratic mannerism. But what happens with them during the trip, changes their belief system forever about our Democracy. Would they be able to regain their belief again?

The film depicts the reflection of Democracy in a cute family backdrop which is explained in a simple way. The best way to depict the democratic system and the situation of innocent citizens which is relevant in today’s society.

Mind-blowing plot well presented with superb performance by the actors with right mix of emotions.

Political attitudes begin to be formed in childhood. As parents, our involvement in civic affairs, our interest in the world around us, and the extent to which we participate in democracy through voting or social activism serves as a model for how involved our children may become in society and in government. Whatever our political affiliation, helping our children grow into active, democratic citizens is beneficial to everyone and to the future of this country.

Witty and Creative Storytelling is mesmerising with apt concluding song.

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