Book Review: The Colonel and The Bee by Patrick Canning

Unpredictable Adventure and Fantastic Story

It is the roller-coaster journey of the main characters Beatrix and The Colonel who meet due to certain circumstances and how they set out on their globe-trotting adventure on a magnificent balloon. Their investigations, strategies, and plan for action which make this illusion all the more real with unexpected twists and turns, surprises and shocking revelations.

The author stuns us by his creative writing, amazing storytelling skills, attention to detail, wits and good vocabulary.

The characters are lively, unique and the incidents are engrossing.

The chapters are brief and delightful packed with mystery, intrigue, humour, and heart.

You may get indulgences of exploration in this adventurous journey with riddles as clues to keep you puzzled by putting on the thinking cap and to experience the unexpected with thought-provoking quotes.

Different Countries with its scenic beauty, the mechanism on how the balloon works and the people they met are beautifully portrayed in the book.

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