Book Review: Grey Skies by William Becker

A dark, creepy and twisted psychological thriller

Terrific storytelling by young horror author.

You can explore the darker world with a main plot and bonus two short stories.Well narrated. 

Vivid detail of weird, horrific and creepy incidents which will make you wonder if the character is hallucinating or happening in real.

Cryptic messages exist in between chapters where they do not distract you from the reading. Strange men and creatures haunt you.

An engaging book which makes you bite your nails and gives you goosebumps.The issues addressed in the story are prevailing and practical. As you turn the pages, it is an interesting read and unpredictable. Curiosity creeps within you to know what happens to the characters.

I love the way the characters are portrayed, how they lose control of their emotions, the story behind it and the circumstances which makes a person be bad.

In the short story, “The White Shade”, tell us about the impact of digital world which is relevant in modern era. There is a slight connection to the part in the main story. I loved the chapter titles – different colours name. 

In “The Black Box”, the chapter titles are suitably selected to give you a gist of what the chapter stores for us. Mysterious story.

There is a lesson you will learn from each story.

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