Book Review: Closet of Lies by Samruddhi Chandak

Full On… Must Read…Fabulous Mystery Story

Riddhi receives strange letters and gets caught in the game of the sender. 
Letters have a deeper meaning. The first letter addressed for her, stick-on notes as clue or threat and the main letters predicted a few things that would eventually turn out to be true.
Interesting and easy read.
Unique characterisation. Each Character is brilliantly connected to the story.
A gripping story from the first chapter until the end of the book.
Time is of the essence in this book. There is a time frame to book the culprit. As deadlines draw near, we are forced to put on our thinking cap, pay attention to the story and jot down the possibilities to crack the case.
It’s an apt cover. Every suspect convincingly appears to be lying in the case which has deeper secrets to reveal.
You can’t put the book down and will be curious to know what happens next.
Brilliant plot well executed.
You can experience thrills, shocks, exciting turns, incredible twists, and surprising revelation while reading the book.
Witty clues and how it’s decoded deserves a special mention.
When you think you have understood the climax of the story, there is always something more to it.
Kudos to the debut author who blows the readers mind and keeps you on the edge. 

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