Book Review: Wake Up Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy (A Sequel to Life is what you make it.)

Life is What You Make It Wake Up Life is Calling
a) My first book by the author which made me fall in love with her writing.
b)It is on Mental Health – Bipolar Disorder.
c)Gives Insights on Bipolar Disorder.
d)Story set in Kerala, Bombay, and Bangalore.
e)Ankita studying MBA course.
f)The Characterisation will steal your heart.
g)Kudos to the author for taking efforts on writing about mental health, which is well researched and providing awareness in the readers which is still a taboo in the society.
h)It is a story of courage, determination and growing up.
i)Never belittle Love.
j)If you have read this book, grab the new book to know what happens next in Ankita’s life.
a)Her writing in the new book left me spellbound. A Sequel to Life is what you make it.
b)It is on how to have control over your mind.
c)Gives Insights on the effect of negative thoughts on a person.
d)Story set in Bombay.
e)Ankita studying Creative Writing Course.
f)There are new characters and some old characters which will surprise you.
g)Kudos to the author for the handy Life’s Little Notes – thoughtful, bring positivity and inspiring lessons about Life.
h)It is a story about how you fight with your negative thoughts and inculcate positive thinking.
i)We have to learn to accept ourselves.
j)If you have not read the book “Life is what you make it”, author gives us a gist of happenings in this book which gives you an idea what she went through in her past,you won’t feel missed out.  But I would recommend reading the previous book to know in-depth of Ankita’s life.

Informative and Relatable.

The story will emotionally move the readers.

Unusual chapter titles are collection of beautiful song titles,tips on writing for budding writers, well researched insights about the cities, meaningful verses, attractive cover and significance of dreams deserve special mention.

Our mind is our biggest enemy, but it can also be our biggest friend. There’s so much beauty in life. We only have to look.

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