Book Review: The Secrets We Keep by Sudeep Nagarkar

Past helps you recollect the good times,
Past will be ignored for Painful reasons,
But Past will teach you to be stronger in the present.

This is exactly what the book is about. How your past can have an effect on your present.

Interesting story and easy read.
The story is about intelligence officer undertakes the riskiest mission which is connected to its past ending up in a terrifying nightmare.
The wonderful narration keeps the readers hooked from the very first chapter.
Well-characterized with attention to detail.
The mystery of events with surprises, shocking revelations, confessions, and bitter truths. As you read, the pieces of his past fit together to form a complete picture.
Relatable issues in the family, relationship, and society are dealt with.
You experience a roller coaster journey of emotions and tension in you during his battle against time. It has all the ingredients you would look for in a story.
Brief paragraphs where past speaks, Meaningful verses depicting the loved one’s feelings, fantastic explanation of the hopscotch game we play in childhood to the rules of life and humor in the gravest of the situations stand out in the book.

Lovely lines from the Book:

. Traditions, religions, and beliefs did not define a happy family; affection and understanding did.
. Struggles are like washing machines—they twist, they spin and knock us around but, in the end, we come out cleaner, brighter and better than before.
. Not all scars show, not all wounds heal.

Never forget what you did in the past and that it will come back to you in ways you cannot imagine.

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