Book Review: Interview with the Devil Part II (Lanza’s Account) by Skylerr Darren

Eccentric and Gripping Psychological Horror

Interview with The Devil: Part 2: Lanza’s Account is the second part. The story is about Victor, a budding psychologist sent to interview a psychiatric patient, Lanza. Lanza’s character would disturb even the darkest of souls.

The author’s vivid description and his brilliant power of story-telling make the readers visualize the imagery events giving us goosebumps. You will feel terrified about the cruelties one has to face in life.

The author’s creative plot development and characterization at its best with interesting twists. He uses high vocabulary that provides a definite challenge to the reader.

Violent and gruesome scenes will come back to haunt you even after you read it. The Climax will leave you with a shocking revelation and a strong message.

Loved these lines from the book:

“If you write what you feel, eventually, you will become what you write. Do not let the words on the paper possess, nor, fool you, for without you, they are nothing, and without them, you remain lost.”

“No bad deed goes unpunished. What is done in the dark, will always come to the light.

“Do not fool yourself into thinking of these abstractions as fabrications for the purpose of your own personal entertainment.”

“There is no other fear like the fear of the unknown. No one enjoys looking into a puddle when the sun is shining unto it, for fear that they may see themselves; and how enlightening is it that rain is what brings it out.”


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