Book Review: Beyond The Fence by Sheldon Peart

Captivating and spellbound

The book is a crime thriller set in rural Jamaica. The story starts with a murder and then takes the readers on a mysterious and adventurous gripping journey. The witty storyteller with an intense and nerve-racking plot. Well narrated. Brilliant plot development and all the characters are well portrayed. The events of happenings of each character run paralleled with a perfect blend. It completely holds your attention from start to finish. You can feel the eagerness and excitement while reading and how the mystery unfolds is mesmerising. Author has knitted together – the secrets, revelations, strategies, twists and turns, interrogations, confessions, negotiations, confusions, tiffs, bitter truths, fishy and petrifying moments in a beautiful way with a whole lot of depth which will leave you puzzled. You can find all the various mix of contents, you expect from a crime story with attention to detail and right analysis.

Friendship, Father-daughter moment, Unique Bond between the Inspector and his Car Betsey were beautifully depicted and melt your hearts. I loved the investigations by Inspector Black and Team which stands out in solving the mystery. The clues they find makes you involved in the story and think who the suspect would be.

I liked the quote – “But sometimes it’s nice to be old and forgetful, especially when you have what to forget … And even nicer still when you’re not the only one with lapses of memory.”

Definitely a good read full of mystery!

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