Book Review: I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

A delightful combo of family dynamics and romance.

The story takes place in London and revolves around a family all-purpose store named Farrs. Fixie can’t ignore things until it is fixed and drives her crazy. She fixating on an irrelevant detail which nobody else will even notice. The story of her life is engaging.

The author gives insights into the importance of family, friendship, self-worth, empowerment, tough-love, communication, honesty, hope, and love. Her vivid description of the characters gives a complete picture of how each character was so different from each other. Each of them has its own problems and how they find the solution.

A wonderful story with a great lesson on being true to yourself, and on how sometimes you have to let others pull themselves out of the muck.

There are cute moments which makes you go Awww…

Finding positive things about the situation rather than worrying, IOU’s, Fixie’s sister always giving her talk leaving a gap as others wait to finish, the combination of smart guests and local customers at the shop party are beautifully portrayed. I enjoyed the journey of Fixie becoming the person she was meant to be – the transition from caring and meek girl to one who stands for what she believes in.

You can experience all the emotions Fixie goes through in her life, painful realisations, sad revelations, humour mixed with true-to-life situations and unexpected turns in the story.

Beautiful lines from the book which I loved:

“You can turn your life around, however hard it seems if you’re willing to be flexible and humble and put in the hard graft.” 
“Great leaders fail, learn, pick themselves up, start over and reach even greater heights.” 
” Failing doesn’t mean you are a failure, it just means you’re a human being.”
“Do an honest day’s work, sleep an honest night’s sleep.” 
“Family is not just the people you share the genes with, it’s the people you share loyalty and friendship and respect with.”

A delightful, witty, entertaining, enthralling, and heart-warming novel.

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