Book Review: A Gift of Passion Wrapped in Run by Hemanta Pati

Truly a Gift of Motivation

I read this book and found it a real page turner.

Author’s life experiences – his childhood experiences, the compulsions that led him away from passions, the incidents that ignited his passions and the lessons learned from each events makes us to understand the life values better.

Well – Written in simple language and easy to read. An Inspirational book which takes the readers to the in-depth of one’s own souls to explore the passion deep within us .

Author gifted himself both of his passions at the later stage in the life. He is an excellent role model who gives us motivation that it is never too late, follow your dreams by never giving up, overcome your fears and ignite your passions with determination, confidence, commitment and courage. What a beautiful comparison about his 1st Passion and 2nd Passion, running and writing through the stages of marathon.

Passions will give you an inexplicable happiness. If you are passionate, you can gather courage to face the challenges thrown at you and strike a perfect balance in life. Every hard time changes to a good one in a cycle.

I love this quote from the book : “Whenever you feel that you are at a disadvantage, don’t look up. Look down, and you will see there are people in a worse position than you.”

You too can plan a “New YOU”.

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