Book Review: When I Said I Love You by Ajay K Pandey

Heart-warming Short Story

The author takes the readers on an emotional roller coaster journey of friendship and love. His true personal experiences of life has been penned in this book. I am so happy it has a happy ending.

This book is a short story extract from “You are the Best Wife”.

The story begins with a ragging sequence in an engineering college. The Chapters are in brief and touches on his college life, his first interaction with Bhavna and how she steals his heart.

He has good sense of humour and by using Hindi words in between makes the situation lively and engaging. Well narrated.

Wonderful lines I loved from the Book:

  • Good Friends can understand feelings from faces.
  • A True Friend sees the first tear, catches the second and stops the third.
  • When you are having the worst moment of your life, it’s not swords but words from a beautiful lip that can kill you.
  • Its easy to make friends, but difficult to keep them.
  • Never Surrender.
  • It was better to die with clarity, rather than live with fake hopes on a ventilator

An Eternal Love Story.

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