Book Review: The Geography Of Friendship by Sally Piper

Powerful Book on Female Friendships.

Three women set out on a trek to relive the same journey they completed when they were young girls. Something traumatic happened to them back then that changed their friendship forever. Their friendship is tested.

The feelings they have for each other, what they go through in their life, their fears, and their challenges have been beautifully narrated. The book is engaging and has intriguing suspense.

Each woman has an equal role in the narrative with a balance of past and present events in each chapter, will leave you mesmerized. You have to read carefully between the lines to avoid confusion.

The book is well written and realistic. It provides great insights on female friendships, courage, loss, and fragility and quite easy to recognize the situations. You will turn the pages in curiosity to know what happens next.

Loved these lines from the book: ‘Walls have a purpose. They hold up a roof. Stop the rain getting in.’

History recounts. Geography connects. Marvelous Book.

Author’s response to my book review:

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