Book Review: Living Hell by Vivaan Shah

Amazing and Gripping Murder Mystery

Well narrated with quite an eye for detail.

I loved the way the story begins with a murder scene and takes us to the introduction of the protagonist.

Nadeem Chipkali is the protagonist. How he got his strange name is wonderfully explained. A brief description of all the characters living in the apartment has been provided to give us a better understanding. Brilliantly interlinked the characters involved in the story, their past life and their current lives.

Author’s storytelling has the sense of humor which makes you laugh and also intellectually indulges you in chills and give you goosebumps.

Interesting revelations will leave you stunned on how the mystery unfolds.

I liked the way the author presents the chapter on interrogation which takes place with the building staff. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Perfect Crime Fiction.

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