Book Review: HEALED by Manisha Koirala

Honest story by a true warrior woman.

This book is a memoir and an insightful tale of a battle survivor beautifully told which makes you think and relevant to today’s mindless living. It takes us on an emotional roller-coaster ride through her fears and struggles and how she eventually came out triumphant.

Each chapter begins with an inspirational and meaningful quote which motivates you. 

Well written and a must read book. It is about Courage and the Spirit of Survival.

She has made many interesting revelations about her journey from the high life of a Bollywood star, battling her life with ovarian cancer, support from close-knit family and friends which gave her strength, her experiences at the hospital – surgeries, pains and dreadful chemotherapies, rejections taken as challenges, how she became a better human being and the lessons learned through her journey which makes the book beautiful. 

She gives a positive impact on how you deal with life by overcoming the fear, problems, pains, and anxieties, with hope, courage and right attitude.

Filmmakers spread the trend that cancer is the end of life but there is life after life.

It is a new narrative ushered by Bollywood actress and a strong message to the people who fear cancer and stop living their life. 

You can get affected, battle with courage and come out as a winner.

Cancer can be overcome by making different choices, by being equipped with the right knowledge and having a solid support system. 

Quotes I loved from the Book:

• My most favorite people in life will always be those who loved me when I wasn’t quite lovable.

• A deep bond is created when we give good-quality attention and appreciation to people. I long for such friendships now, where I can comfortably call someone and he/she runs to help me and NOT make a big deal of it, where I would be sure that I am priority no. 1!

• It is only when a moment becomes a memory that you realize its true value. 

• Confidence needs to stream out from within you, not from anything else. And you need to be comfortable in your own skin.

Celebrate the Gift of Life.

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