Book Review: Interview with the Devil Part 1 (Victor’s Account) by Skylerr Darren

A frightening and thought-provoking take on society

It is a gripping story which is an eye-opener to the evil around us in reality.
The author’s vivid description and his brilliant power of story-telling make the readers visualize the imagery events giving us goosebumps.

It details the story of a young man named Victor who has suffered through a troubled childhood and now as a young adult desire to become a psychologist.

You will feel scared about the cruelties one has to face in life which have an effect on the mindset of the people and also depicts the true meaning of loss and pain. The Relationship between Mother and son and the experiences with the devil are beautifully portrayed.

The author’s creative plot development and characterization at its best with horrifying and interesting twists.

Violent and gruesome scenes will come back to haunt you even after you read it. It could happen to anyone in real life.







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